The Story

My name is Fos, and I'm the co-founder of Moxmilk.

It has taken me years to feel good.

My mental health has had more up and downs than Lindsay Lohan's career, and so one day I thought: if I ever figure out the path to stability, joy and calm I will make it my mission to share it with EVERYONE.

That's how Moxmilk was born: we wanted to create a trustworthy CBD and wellness brand that could address physical and mental well-being with high-quality products and practical life tips.


When you have struggled with maintaining good balance, you learn a fundamental truth: prevention is better than cure.  

We want to teach you sustainable practices, and provide you with sustainable products, so that you can maintain your balance today and everyday.

We hope you enjoy our CBD and our site

Fos, Sean & the Moxmilk Team