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A CBD Brand With A Difference

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My name is Fos, and I'm an NLP practitioner and one of the founders of Moxmilk. 
It has taken me years to feel good.
My mental health has had more up and downs than Lindsay Lohan's career, and so one day I thought: if I ever figure out the path to stability, joy and calm I will make it my mission to share it with EVERYONE.
That's how Moxmilk was born: we wanted to create a trustworthy CBD and wellness brand that could address physical and mental well-being with high-quality products and practical life tips.
This is why we're so big on delivering excellent products and practical techniques as well. They go hand in hand, like diet and exercise. 
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is basically a 'cheat manual' for the brain, and a solution-based approach different to traditional psychology
CBD is one of nature's most amazing products, helping with pain management, relaxation, stress release and sleep.  
moxmilk cbd
Moxmilk is a CBD and wellness brand with a difference: we promote our products hand in hand with our NLP techniques - because we want you to tackle your mind like you would your body, products & teachings together, to create the best, most awesome version of yourself. 
Still unsure about CBD - what it is and what it does? We got you!
Read more in our informative CBD guide, and get started with better health today! 

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Lorraine Gaughan
Lorraine Gaughan

February 17, 2020

Love this site ❤️

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