Blueberry & Raspberry Moxmilk CBD Smoothie organic cannabidiol best UK

Blueberry & Raspberry CBD Smoothie

☝🏻Will CBD help cure CoronaVirus?
Nope, not a chance, absolutely not😷
🤤But will it taste delicious in a detox blueberry smoothie, and maybe even help you feel more relaxed about the pandemic? YEP! We think so
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Today we talk smoothies. Blueberries and raspberries are some of the most hailed fruits around, renowned for their high contents of vitamins C and E, selenium,potassium and and numerous flavonoids, which help with their renowned antioxidant properties. 
Superfoods everyone need, right?
Eating a whole punnet of blueberries or raspberries might make for a pretty tiring feat, not to mention costly if bought fresh. Smoothies solve both issues, with the ability of being easy to consume, and easy to make even with frozen berries. 
Adding CBD to your smoothie
First things first, if you are unsure about CBD and its amazing properties, check out this article we've written about it. CBD has a very pleasant and distinctive earthy taste, not dissimilar to dark chocolate or coffee, but for those who don't find it entirely appealing, adding it to a smoothie is the perfect solution. 

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Blueberry Raspberry CBD Smoothie Recipe
150 gr blueberries 🔵
100 gr raspberries 🟣
1/2 banana 🍌
50 ml oat milk 🥛
1 full dropper #MoxmilkCBD 
1 small bunch of mint 🌿
BLEND and feel that calm ! 
CBD is an amazing ally to alleviate stress, anxiety and infuse calm and well-being, and CBD in smoothies, juices or treats is a fun and delicious way to add a bit of nature's coolest ally into a fit and healthy dessert. 

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