First time CBD user, 3-step guide

First time CBD user? Start with our easy 3-step guide

What is CBD?
How do I take it?
When do I take it?
Do I drop it on my pillow for better sleep...? 
Is CBD going to help my anxiety? 
If you are a first time CBD oil or tincture user, or are thinking of buying your first CBD product because you think its multiple properties will benefit your life, fret not, Moxmilk CBD is here to help! 
What is CBD?
First things first though: if you are unsure of what exactly CBD is, where it comes from, if it's legal and what parts of your brain and body it might affect, we've written a whole guide on CBD (which is short for cannabidiol). It will answer some of your most pressing questions, which in turn might clarify why it's important you get on your CBD now! Our guide will also explain how CBD oil can help manage anxiety, stress and depression, as well as optimal functions like sleep, appetite, mood and sexual desire, so check out all the facts first. 
Your Daily Ally
As scientists believe that CBD is most effective when used regularly, we suggest using Moxmilk Everyday Oil CBD at the same time every morning to help reduce social or situational anxiety and stress, as well as improve overall well-being, and Moxmilk Ultra Oil CBD at the same time in the evenings, to help relax and ease into a restful sleep. 
The main differences between these two products is simply the amount of Organic CBD found in each bottle: our Moxmilk Everyday Oil CBD contains 1000mg of pure, C02 extracted organic CBD - a lighter dose to support everyday functions and keep morning anxiety at bay. Our Moxmilk Ultra Oil CBD contains 1500mg of pure C02 extracted organic CBD, a stronger dose to support you through the night, and ensure deep sleep, optimal restoration and neural regeneration. 
Choosing your Moxmilk CBD
Choosing the right Moxmilk CBD product is paramount to you achieving your health and wellness goals. 
Sports or Body Pain: If you're looking for support with muscle soreness after training or sports, or if you suffer from body pains in hands, knees or joints, our Moxmilk Pain Cream could be the product for you. Made with refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint oil, and packing a powerful punch with a combination of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, this soothing CBD balm is a godsend for achy body parts that need some TLC. 
Daily Support: If you need a daily CBD oil to ease you into your wellness routine every morning, or to support optimal daily functions like stress management, appetite and mood, our Moxmilk Everyday CBD Oil is the product you need, as it delivers a gentle yet effective dose of broad spectrum phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. 
Sleep, Anxiety or Stress: For deep sleep, or more powerful mental health support, Moxmilk Ultra CBD Oil is the product to try. A much higher dose of pure, premium organic CBD oil can support both neural regeneration, and the suppression of the misfiring and overstimulation of some of the 65 receptors in the cannabinoid system (specfically CB1 and CB2) that are linked to stress and fear)
Dosing Guide
It's really important to let your CBD oil sit under the tongue for at least a minute, as that way it can get absorbed more efficiently into the blood stream, as opposed to just swallowing it. 
Serving Guide
CBD Dropper Start with about 50-60 ml (1/2 dropper) of Moxmilk CBD Oil once or twice a day, to ease yourself into the CBD routine and discover what quantity will give you the desired effect
   Increase the serving to 75-100ml of Moxmilk CBD Oil once or a twice a day if lower servings are not delivering the desired relaxation 
   You can take up to three full droppers of Moxmilk CBD Oil a day for more intense relaxation and sleep improvement, and for chronic and more serious conditions. 

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